A Guide To Visit Nyungwe National Park : Nyungwe national park is among the most notable national parks in Rwanda that you can visit and watch a number of different attractions in the wild as you participate in a number of different activities that will make your Rwanda safari quite memorable. In this article we are going to help you understand more about Nyungwe national park with this guide that will help you understand when to visit Nyungwe national park, the activities that you can participate in and many other rewarding activities in the wild.

Activities to participate in Nyungwe national park

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park will lead you to either cyamudongo forest or Nyungwe forest where you will get to access the habituated chimpanzee troops that you will get to observe and also get the chance to understand more about the species as they carry out their daily activities in the wild. The guide will give you all the information about the species during the safari experience and the ranger will protect you against any vicious animal attacks in order to ensure you have a memorable safari experience as you also get to film and take pictures of the species in the wild.

Primate trekking

Visiting Nyungwe national park will make you understand why it is called the primate hub of Rwanda with a number of primate species that can be seen in the wild. Participate in primate trekking in Nyungwe national park and et the chance to watch a number of different primate species during your safari experience like; the vervet monkey, Mona monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, dent’s monkey and many other primate species. The activity is an all-day activity which will give you the chance to watch and observe the different features of the primates in the wild.

Canopy walk

The canopy walk in Nyungwe national park will lead you to the metallic trail in Rwanda, Nyungwe national park. you will have the chance to watch a number of attractions from an aerial view in the park as you walk along the metallic trail. Among the different attractions that can be seen include the primates swinging from one tree branch to another for a memorable safari experience.

Hiking trails in Nyungwe

You can also hike a number of trails in Nyungwe which will lead you to a number of attractions in the wild to make your safari experience memorable. Among the different trails you can embark on include the igishigishigi trail which will lead you to the canopy walk, Isumo waterfalls trail which will lead you to the Isumo waterfalls and many other trails ion the park.

A Guide To Visit Nyungwe National Park
Hiking trails in Nyungwe


Nyungwe national park is among the notable birding areas for birding in Rwanda for travelers interested in birding in Rwanda. among the different bird species that can be seen include the Albertine endemic bird species and bird species from the Guinea-Congo biome and many other rewarding bird species. Some of the bird species that can be seen include; the blue turaco, Ross’s turaco, coqui Francolin, long tailed cisticola, bubbling cisticola, Miombo wren warbler, Chubb’s cisticola, the long-crested eagle handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Batis Dusky turtle love, paradise flycatcher, archer’s ground robin, African Rwenzori, double collared sunbird, marsh harrier, Ruwenzori turaco, common moorhen Ruwenzori night jar, grey throated tit, the dusky crimson wing, red-faced woodland warbler and other the bird species

Best time ti visit Nyungwe

You can visit Nyungwe national park is at any given time of the year because of the conducive climatic conditions however the best time to visit the park would be during the dry season which won’t let you worry about slippery trails and inconveniences from the rain. It should be noted that the park has no defined trails and these get slippery when it rains which can slow you down during hiking to the different attractions. However interesting about the rainy season is the fact that a number of primates do not move constantly because food is readily available which helps you to access the species in the shortest time possible therefore it is ok to visit the park at any given time of the year.

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