Birding in Uganda : Because of the variety of tour activities offered to visitors, Uganda is an excellent place for safari trips. After visiting Uganda in 1907, Churchill Winston referred to it as the “Pearl of Africa” due to its abundant natural riches and natural beauty. The birds of Uganda are among the most beautiful things to be found in the country. Uganda is home to around 1,085 bird species, including one endemic, which is the Fox’s weaver. Uganda contains around 150 indigenous bird species as compared to the rest of East Africa.

Uganda birds may be seen in a variety of locations around the nation, and there is always a suggested spot close to where you are staying. Our company organizes Uganda birding safaris to the country’s most spectacular bird watching locations, including Bigodi Wetland, Mabira Forest, Mabamba Bay, and the ten national parks, where visitors can also participate in other exciting tour activities such as mountain gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing, boat cruises, and chimp trekking, among others. The shoebill stork, African green broadbill, Standard-Winged nightjar, Great blue Turaco, Green breasted pitta, Rwenzori Turaco, Karamoja Apalis, short-tailed warbler, Brown chested pullover, and Black-breasted barbet are among the most sought-after and spectacular species in Uganda.

Explore Rwanda Tours provides the most in-depth knowledge of the greatest sites for bird watchers to have wonderful bird viewing experiences. Some of these locations are as follows:

Birding in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is a tropical rainforest in southern Uganda. This forest was voted Africa’s top birding destination in 2011, and it is home to a variety of beautiful and interesting bird species, including the Handsome francolin, Regal sunbird, Narina’s trogon, Red-throated Alethe, Cuckoo shrike, Montane Oriole, Black-faced rufous warbler, Black bee eater, Rwenzori batis, and African broadbill. Along with this exhilarating bird-watching adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to go on a mountain gorilla trek, a cultural interaction, and community walks.

Birding in Uganda
Rwenzori batis

Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This park is home to the most bird species in Uganda. It features about 600 bird species that may be viewed during bird watching activities, boat cruises along water bodies, and wildlife viewing activities. Mweya Peninsula, Kyambura canyon, Kazinga river, and the crater area are just a few of the spots suggested for several outstanding bird species in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Pelicans, Black-headed Gonolek, Collared pranticole, Flamingos, Palm-nut vulture, pied kingfisher, hadada ibis, Red and the uncommon shoebill stork are among the bird species found in the park. Other activities in the park include wildlife watching, hunting for tree climbing lions, a boat ride, chimp trekking, and a carter drive, among others.

Mabamba Swamp in Entebbe

Mabamba Bay is located on Lake Victoria in the western section of Entebbe. It is well-known for Uganda birding safaris, with the highlight being the hunt for the rare shoebill stork, which you will no doubt be excited to see on the papyruses of this swamp. Among the other birds found in Mabamba are the Snow-headed robin-chat, Angola swallow, Olive greenbull, Glossy Ibis, Yellow-billed duck, Little Stint, Woodland warbler, Wayne’s weaver, Madagascar bee-eater, Sooty boubou, White-spotted fluff tail, and White-winged tern.

Birding in Uganda
Woodland warbler

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is around 26 kilometers from Fort Portal town, and Bigodi Swamp is near to it. Kibale National Park is a popular chimp trekking location in Uganda because to the enormous number of chimpanzees in the forest, but it also contains a diverse bird species. There are around 330 bird species in Egypt, including the Scaly Francolin, Red-chested fluff tail, Afep pigeon, Olive long-tailed cuckoo, Papyrus gonolek, Papyrus canary, White-bellied crested fly catcher, Marsh Tchagra, Green-backed twin spot, and black bee eater.

Birding in Bigodi Wetland

You may visit Bigodi wetland for a fantastic bird viewing experience while on your chimp trekking safari to Kibale National Park. Over 200 bird species may be seen in the swamp, including the Great Blue Turaco, white spotted crake, blue-breasted kingfisher, blue-headed coucal, black capped Apalis, collared Apalis, grey-winged robin chit, purple breasted sunbird, Abyssinian ground thrush, and many more.

Mabira Forest

Mabira forest was originally Uganda’s largest forest, but it fell victim to encroachment and unlawful tree cutting. The forest is located in Buikwe district, along Jinja road, and is the nearest forest to Kampala. Mabira woodland is a tropical forest that is home to over 300 bird species. It has well-established trails for forest walks, and some of the birds you might see on your one-day Mabira birding trip include the Nahan’s francolin, Black and white Casqued hornhill, Sabine’s Spinetail, Jameson’s wattle eyes, Toro olive greenbul, Tit Hylia, Green-tailed bristlebill, Shining blue kingfisher, Sooty flycatchers, Blue-breasted Monkeys and baboons are two more woodland species that you could see.

Birding in Uganda
Shining blue kingfisher

Royal Mile in Budongo Forest.

The Royal Mile in Budongo Forest is one of Uganda’s best birding locations. This well-known birding location in Uganda was previously reported to have been a leisure hunting area for the King of Bunyoro, Omukama Kabalega. The area is home to several bird species, including the Yellow and Grey Longbill, Yellow-footed and Forest Flycatcher, African Crowned Eagle, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, and Cassin’s Spaintail, to name a few.

In conclusion, Uganda remains a popular birding destination due to crucial habitats such as swamps, savannah woods, lakes, rivers, and forest regions, all of which promote the prospering of the numerous bird species present in Uganda.

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