Canopy walk in Rwanda is one the great tourism activities sold in the country and guests can take part of. The Canopy walkway in Rwanda is one of its kind in the area and this walkway is located south of Rwanda. The canopy walk way is located within the Nyungwe forest national park and this is the only canopy walkway currently in the country. The canopy walkway of Rwanda is a 70 meter high suspended bridge above the thick Nyungwe rain forest and a 160 kilometer long walk way.

The canopy walk way of the Nyungwe forest is a 2 hour estimated activity for guests to complete both to and back to the trailhead. The Nyungwe forest is the second most visited destination in the country and this is majorly because this pristine rain forest is a home to the endangered chimpanzee species among the other 12 primates living within this forest. The Nyungwe forest having 13 different primate species is a major as this is a quarter of the total primate species living on the African continent.

The Nyungwe forest national park is undoubtedly an ideal destination as there is much to spot here among the 1,000 plus different plants, 300 bird species, amphibians and reptiles too, a very biologically diverse forest. The canopy walk way gives guests the aerial view which is an advantaged point to see much of these.

Canopy walk in Rwanda
Canopy walk in Rwanda

The canopy walk in the Nyungwe forest is available for all guests aged from 6 years and above however the young children will only be allowed on this canopy with a guardian and the permit is standard for all at 60 USD for the foreign visitors, 50 USD for foreign residents and 5,000 francs for the Rwandan people. It can be booked any month of the year however is best enjoyed in the dry season as you have clearer views and more enjoyable with the clear weather. The dry months of Rwanda are within June to September and later in the year from mid-December to mid-February.

While on this canopy walkway, you are able to spot the East African rift area comprising of the Lake Kivu, the Congo Nile divide trail, and also spot some of the animal life of the forest and these include the different birds and butterfly species, insects and also some monkeys on great days.

The Nyungwe forest canopy walk is a 2.4 kilometer long bridge and this starts from the Igishigishigi trail, one of the hiking trails of the Nyungwe forest national park. Being a 2 hour and highly suspended bridge should not scare you from taking on this activity as it is quite doable and easy to complete. You will only come across some steep points as the country’s terrain is majorly that.

The canopy walk way has 2 scheduled times on a daily and this is the 9 am shift and the 2 pm after lunch shift. The walk starts from the Uwinka reception center and this doubles as the head office of the Nyungwe forest national park. This is where you will attend the pre trekking briefing and where you get to be told the expected code of conduct while on this activity.

You will be assigned a ranger guide who will share information about the park and the activities and also ensure your safety. These ranger guides are experienced and skilled so you will be in great hands.

Canopy walk in Rwanda
Canopy walk in Rwanda

Grab your walking stick as you may need one, be sure to be dressed appropriately in hiking shoes, rain jacket or waterproof clothing in case of a rain shower being a rain forest, a shower is expected any season of the year.

It is important to be physically fit and emotionally ready for this activity and if you are feeling any signs of being unwell, it will be advisable to reschedule for a further date or following day as taking on any strenuous activity may worsen the situation. This is a great activity to top up on the chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest or other primate treks in the Nyungwe forest.

An adrenaline rushing feeling for the adventurous traveler! It is divided into three parts and you may opt to complete all three or just one or two. These divisions, one is 90 meters, the second is 45 meters and the other is 25 meters and it is the 90 meter partition that is 70 meters high so in case you get altitude sick, ensure to carry your medication ahead of the activity.

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