City tour of Kigali capital city

City tour of Kigali capital city : At the start of every Rwanda safari is usually a Kigali city tour offered. Are you wondering what this city tour comprises of and if it is really worth it, then look out for some pointers noted below. The Kigali city tour takes you on a deeper and richer insight on the city and its history. On arrival to Rwanda as a destination, you will land at the Kigali International airport and you may just take it as just an ordinary city but there is much more to explore about Kigali city. Kigali city is the capital city of Rwanda and is the commercial town to the country so be sure to meet a number of businesses and government institutions on your Kigali City tour.

The most sought after Rwanda safaris are the mountain gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes which attracts up to 70% of the tourists in the country, the chimpanzee trekking experience in the Nyungwe forest national park and the wildlife safari in Akagera national park. Tourists are usually interested in the birds of Rwanda as Rwanda has been mentioned time and again as birders paradise where you get to see over 600 endemic bird species at several locations throughout the country. Rwanda is a small landlocked country which favors the visiting of many destinations around the country in the shortest possible time. There are also cultural tours that one may opt to top up on their safari while in the country as this is a culturally rich destination with a number of cultural sites to visit.

The tours in Rwanda are favored mostly by the cool temperatures experienced in the region with most of the day being moderately warm and this moderate climate is experienced all year favoring visits any time of the year. Rwanda is commonly known or referred to as the land of a thousand hills and this is evident while moving around the country and the warm smiles of the friendly Rwandan people is usually a highlight of a safari in the country.

Being Africa’s cleanest and one of the safest cities, Kigali has attracted a number of international guests and investors who have set up great and outstanding buildings in the city. The roads throughout the entire Rwanda are majorly tarmacked which is a plus to the visitors exploring the country. Kigali city is by far the most developed city in Rwanda and has a well-structured public transport system which helps those who prefer public transportation to get around the city. These taxis, mini coasters and buses have stopovers at a number of the attractions you can visit while on the Kigali city tour but also with the good road network and safety, guests can opt to take on a walking tour around the city however it is advisable to always move with a guide or someone who is more familiar with the area to get the ideal experience.

Kigali city tours are usually a half day experience or a full day experience depending on your interests and the time you have for the safari. The Kigali city tours we offer are majorly by 4WD safari vehicle between destinations however if you prefer the tour to be done on foot then that can be arranged. We usually suggest for you an African market and a museum or a genocide ground for a half day city tour if you have a destination to connect to however for the full day city tour there is much more to explore.

Kigali city is blessed with the country’s main sites of history and cultural importance a few of the 8 Museums that make up the Institute of the National Museums of Rwanda are located in Kigali and you can visit them while on your city tour. One of the museums is the Kandt House museum which is the former house of Richard Kandt, the first colonial governor of Rwanda in the early 1900s and this one showcases the colonial period of Rwanda and also has some of the works of Richard Kandt.

Another museum you can visit on your Kigali city tour is the Rwanda Art Museum which showcases the contemporary art works of Rwandan artists and some internationally recognized artists. This gives you an insight in the creative minds of the Rwandan artists and you also get to see the transition of art from the olden days to date and how the two times blend in an art sense. This is also where you can see the remains from the presidential jet that was attacked on 6th April 1994 lying in the garden of this museum. The young guests are also given a chance to showcase their art skills by painting here.

City tour of Kigali Capital City
City tour of Kigali Capital City

One key attraction in the Kigali City tour is the Kigali Genocide memorial which is a point flocked by many both local and international visitors to remember and pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The Kigali Genocide memorial is found at Gisozi and up to 250,000 victims are buried. This is dark tourism and only the interested guests can opt for this visit. There is a wall of names on which victims of the genocide are inscribed and are still being added. This center also offers support to the survivors and the families of the fallen individuals. There are a number of other memorials spread out around the country as the Genocide touched all corners of the country but the Kigali Genocide memorial is the largest. There is no fee charged to enter this memorial and you can grab yourself an audio guide or opt to move around with a site guide.

The other highlight of the Kigali city tour is visiting one of the craft centers or African markets where you can grab yourself a souvenoir and support a local Rwandan seller. You also get a chance to interact with the Rwandan people while at this market. The Kimironko market is a great choice as it is big and has a range of souvenirs at an affordable price. In the middle of your Kigali city tour, take off sometime and visit a local restaurant for a treat of a traditional meal prepared by the Rwandan chefs if you are comfortable with trying new dishes.

Our Kigali city tour is a complimentary for all our Rwanda safaris so be sure to not miss out on this opportunity and this includes a safari vehicle with fuel and driver guide who will pick you up, take you around and drop you back to your accommodation, bottled water and entry to the sites. Extra site visits, tips and gratuities are excluded on the city tour offer. We look forward to hearing from you whenever you are interested in one.

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