First Time Travelers on their Uganda Safari : Are you a first time traveller thinking of visiting the pearl of Africa with little knowledge about the country, in this article we shall help you understand more about the country and a number of tips that should be at the back of your head when you make your way to the country to enjoy spending time in the country as you visit the different destinations that will lead you to a number of rewarding attractions during your Uganda safari that will make it easy for first time travellers on their Uganda safari.

Safe country

One thing about Uganda is the fact that it is such a safe country that first time travellers should not fear visiting it to participate in a number of rewarding activities in the country. There are a number of safety precautions that have been put in place to ensure you have an amazing experience in the wild that will make your experience quite memorable. Some of the different precautions that can be seen include; while participating in a number of activities in the wild, you will get to participating in the briefing session which will enable you to understand more about the activity and the rules and regulations to follow to avoid any accidents in the different national parks in Uganda. Activities like gorilla trekking in Uganda and golden monkey trekking, chimpanzee trekking in Uganda in Uganda which are among the most rewarding primate safaris in Uganda will lead you to the knowledgeable guide who will ensure they take you along the safe trails in the park to avoid getting lost and an armed ranger whose duty is to ensure you have a safe activity as well by avoiding any vicious animal attacks in the wild.


For first time travellers in Uganda, there’s a lot of food that you should not miss out on during your Uganda safari and if you’re a traveller curious and interested in knowing how traditional dishes taste then embark on the culinary tours in Uganda. A number of travellers that visit Uganda will help you understand more about the culture of the people of Uganda through their food. For budget travellers, there a number of options from some tasty street food like the’ ’Rolex’’ which is among the most consumed dishes in Uganda which comprises of an omelet customized at your own liking like you can add vegetables to your omelet or any type of meat to make your experience quite memorable. Street food I the country can be as cheap as 5USD but the price increases with the quantity of food you’re interested in. For travellers interested in a number of other dishes like international dishes, there are a number of restaurants that you can visit to taste some Asian dishes, Indian dishes, French dishes and many other rewarding attractions.

First Time Travelers on their Uganda Safari
culinary tours in Uganda


There are a number of accommodation types in the country that you can book to fit within your budget. You can book budget, mid-range or luxury accommodation where you will get to book for your accommodation and interesting about the activity is the fact that you will have an amazing experience in the country. For travellers interested in the cheap accommodation you can also opt for Camping in there are a number of camping sites at affordable rates, First Time Travelers on their Uganda Safari.

Hire a local guide/operator

For an amazing safari experience in Uganda, you should hire a local guide especially for self-drive client who will help you navigate the different routes in the country. The guide will help you communicate easily with the people in the country during the purchase of a number of items in the wild. The guide/ operator will also help you to plan the trip and also offer discounts for a number of activities in the country.

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