Gorilla Trekking Permit In Congo : A number of travellers are interested in gorilla trekking in Congo because of the fact that the country is the cheapest gorilla trekking destination in Africa compared to other gorilla trekking destinations in Africa Uganda and Rwanda whose gorilla trekking permits are a bit costly. Because of Congo being affordable, it has attracted travellers to visit the country therefore making mass bookings for the gorilla trekking permits in Congo.

While participating in gorilla trekking in Congo, you will have access to a number of different gorilla species like the cross river gorillas but the most common gorilla species that can be seen in the wild are the mountain gorillas as you participate in gorilla trekking in Virunga national park and the eastern lowland gorillas as you participate in gorilla trekking in Kahuzi biega national park. A gorilla trekking permit in Congo can be obtained at a price of 400usd but during the low season also known as the rainy season where there are low bookings because of the bad weather, a gorilla trekking permit can go as low as 200USD.

A gorilla trekking permit in Congo will give you access to the species for one hour observing a number of their rewarding features as you also get to watch the different species in the wild as you hike through the vegetation cover to access the different habituated gorilla families in the wild. Currently gorilla trekking in Congo is only possible in Kahuzi biega and not Virunga national park this is because of the eruption of mount Nyiragongo which led to the destruction of the trails in the park therefore choosing Virunga national park will give you the utmost safari experience in the wild.

3 Days Virunga Mountain Gorilla trekking safari
3 Days Virunga Mountain Gorilla trekking safari

What includes a gorilla trekking permit

·       A gorilla trekking permit in Congo will lead you to the gorillas for one hour in order to observe their rewarding features in the wild and once the one hour elapses, you will get to head back to your starting point. Failure to do so you will be fined

·       The permit also gives you access to a knowledgeable guide that will take you one a rewarding adventure observing the behavior of the species as they carry out their daily activities in the wild

·       You will also have access to a ranger whose duty is to ensure that you have a safe safari experience in the wild as you engage with the wild animals. The ranger is armed but you should not be worried because they are well trained to ensure you have a safe experience and once you are attacked by a wild animal, they will just fire in the sky so as to scare off the species.

·       The Congo gorilla trekking permit will also excuse you from paying the park entry fees to watch the species which is also a money saving activity. However, if you’d like to participate in other activities, you are expected to pay for the activities’ park entry fees.

Rules and regulations for gorilla trekking

·       You should avoid taking pictures of the species using flash mode to avoid scaring away the species or to avoid them from attacking them.

·       You should avoid smoking in the presence of the gorillas

·       Avoid eating in the presence of the gorillas

·       Making unnecessary movement and noise in the presence is prohibited because it can trigger the species as a threat.

·       Littering in the park is highly prohibited because it can cause choking to animals

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