Hiking Mount Karisimbi  : Mount Karisimbi is the highest mountain in Rwanda and the second-highest mountain in Africa. It reaches a height of 4,507 meters above sea level, making it the highest peak in the region. The mountain attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to see it for themselves and enjoy its stunning scenery of both flora and fauna.

Hiking Mount Karisimbi is a unique and incredible experience that everyone should try at least once. The hike is relatively easy and the scenery along the way is stunning. Here are some of the highlights of my trip to Mount Karisimbi: The main highlight of my trip was actually seeing the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Seeing them up close was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. Hanging out with them for a few hours was an adrenaline rush I won’t soon forget!

It was also really interesting to see how they interact with each other and their habitat. It was amazing to see these giant primates in person and hear their beautiful calls. They were also super friendly and seemed to enjoy our company. They are definitely the highlight of the trip! Another highlight of the trip was visiting the volcano and seeing the active lava lake. It was incredible to be able to see this natural phenomenon with my own eyes!

2 Days Mount Karisimbi Hike
2 Days Mount Karisimbi Hike

Watching the lava lake slowly move across the surface was a once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever. Seeing the active volcano was quite surreal, it really did feel like you were on another planet! I would definitely go back to Rwanda again, as there is so much to see and do there. It has quickly become one of my favorite travel destinations in the world! Many thanks to all the guides and staff who made this Rwanda safari tour possible! This short Rwanda safari tour was such an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring Africa. There are so many things to see and do in Rwanda and it really is a fantastic place to visit.

Day one; Today we left Kigali and drove for about two hours to the starting point of our hike. Once we reached our starting point, we hiked for about an hour until we reached the first viewpoint and got our first glimpse of Mount Karisimbi. After spending some time at the first viewpoint enjoying the beautiful views, we started hiking to the second viewpoint and then on to the summit of Mount Karisimbi. When we arrived at the summit, we were greeted with amazing views of the entire countryside. We watched several groups of mountain gorillas as they walked through the forest and climbed the slopes of Mount Karisimbi. We spent some time relaxing at the summit before descending back to the lodge for dinner and rest. After dinner, we went out on an activity drive to see the local wildlife including giraffes, buffalo, elephants, antelopes and zebras.

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