How To Plan a Rwanda Safari On A Budget? : A number of travellers interested in a number of activities in the country where they will get the chance to participate in activities like gorilla trekking in Rwanda which will give them access to the habituated mountain gorillas in Africa. In the country you can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, golden monkey trekking in Rwanda for the most rewarding primate safaris.  Travellers can also participate in the Rwanda genocide tour which will give you an insight of the events that led to the unfortunate events in the country but also have shaped the country to be one of the safest countries that you can visit in Africa. other travellers that can to the country are interested in tracking the big five animals in Rwanda that can be seen when you participate in the game drives in Akagera national park. While choosing to participate in the Rwanda safari on a budget in this article, we are going to give you tips on how to plan for your safari in Rwanda on a budget and some of the tips that you should not miss out on.


While participating in your Rwanda safari, you should consider staying within your budget that means before you embark on your safari in Rwanda, you should make a budget for the different activities that you are going to participate in but also get to stick to it. Staying within the budget will help you to avoid unnecessary spending on different activities that are not among the activities in the wild.  While staying and drafting an itinerary for your Rwanda safari and also get to participate in the activities that are not as expensive. For travellers interested in participating in the primate safaris in Rwanda especially for those interested in watching the Albertine endemic species, that can be seen when travellers participate in a number of activities in the wild  for instance golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which is quite cheaper as compared as gorilla trekking in Rwanda where travellers can access a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda at a price of 1500USD ass for the golden monkey trekking permit in Rwanda can be obtained at a price of 100USD. By making an itinerary it will ensure that you stick to your plans to ensure that you monitor how you spend your money in during your safari.

How To Plan a Rwanda Safari On A Budget?
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park


To avoid buying expensive food in Rwanda you can consider packing some snacks that will ensure you avoid spending money on the. You can carry some snacks that will last for the entirety of your safari in the wild. Alternatively, if you’re interested in lasting some African dishes, you should consider visiting local restaurants owned by a local that have cheaper options for an amazing safari experience without having to worry about incurring high costs. You can consider packing some protein bars, digestive biscuits and many other items for a memorable safari experience.


A number of accommodations in Rwanda are quite expensive which can be a strain on the budget of travellers interested in participating a number of tourism activities in Rwanda for a memorable safari experience. Travellers can also consider opting for camping in Rwanda where you will get to access a number of camping sites in the country like the Shakani camping site, Magashi camping site for travellers interested in a number of activities in Akagera National Park which will give you the opportunity to access a number of tourism activities in the wild for an amazing safari experience.

Make research

Make enough research on the different activities in the country to ensure that you get the best offers. Solo travellers that plan their own safaris tend to spend less this is because they do not get to pay the tour operator costs for their services and this can be used take part in a number of activities. One travel tip is researching for a lot of information about the country for instance their food, the different tourism activities, to make your planning process quite easy for you for an affordable safari experience.

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