Kampala city popularly known as just ’’Kampala’’ is the capital city of Uganda and also the busiest city in the country where locals carry out their Daily business transactions. Making your way to kampala, you will get to experience a fun filled adventure which will lead you to a number of attractions from breathtaking culture of the people of a city with a population close to 2 million people making it the perfect place for travellers interested in watching how different people from different backgrounds are able to mingle with one another, a number of rewarding views, the different cultures of the people and many other rewarding attractions. Making your way to Kampala city will help you explore a number of options for an amazing Uganda safari continue reading on for a number of sites you can visit and activities that you can participate in for a memorable safari;


Visit a local restaurant while visiting Kampala on your Kampala city tour which will give you the opportunity to taste a number of tasty dishes in the country from the different tribes in the country among which include; Italian dishes from a number of Italian restaurant, for biryani lovers, make your way to the biryani house and get to taste the most impressive Indian dishes, you can also visit a number of Ugandan restaurant and get to taste luwombo which is any stew of your choice steamed in banana leaves, you can also taste the famous ’’rolex’’ which Is an omelet in a flat bread and many other tasty dishes that you should enjoy when you participate in a number of activities in the country for the most rewarding culinary tours in Uganda.

Kasubi tombs

You can also visit the Kasubi tombs for travellers interested in understanding more about the culture of the people of Uganda, you will have the opportunity to understand more about the Buganda Kingdom and the culture of the Baganda people which is an interesting group of people with a number of rich cultural values that you will get to understand when you visit the tombs. At the Kasubi royal tombs, you will get to realize that the place is the burial ground for the kings of Buganda kingdom and the most notable person that was buried there is Kabaka Mutesa who is the reason for inviting the missionaries in Uganda that introduced Christianity in Uganda as you also observe the different features of the culture and this will ensure you have the most rewarding cultural tours in Uganda.

Kampala city
Kasubi Tombs

Uganda martyrs shrine Namugongo

One of the most notable events in the history of Rwanda is the Uganda martyrs massacre which was carried out on 3rd June 1886. The Uganda martyrs were a group of people that were killed because of their faith in God. They disobeyed the orders of the king of Buganda and this led them to be killed by being burnt. Today a number of Ugandans and people from all over the world come to pray at the Uganda martyr’s shrine Namugongo and also get to understand more about the martyrs who are now recognized as saints all over the world.

Kampala central Mosque

Formerly known as the Gadhafi mosque, is among the most rewarding attractions in Kampala that you should also visit to make your safari experience rewarding. The mosque is the largest in East Africa. the mosque is such a beauty when you visit it with a beautiful tower also known as a minaret that will give you exceptional views of the kampala hills, you will also have the opportunity to watch the architectural designs that will make your safari experience quite memorable.

Other destinations that you can visit in the country include the Uganda museum where you will get to watch a number of beautiful artifacts in the country, you will also get to the chance to visit the Kabaka’s lake which is the largest and deepest man-made lake in Uganda and East Africa that is such a rewarding attraction that will give you exceptional views of water birds that come to catch prey from the water source among other rewarding attractions in Kampala.

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