Kigali City, The Capital City of Rwanda

Kigali City : There are many renowned cities in Africa that will catch your eye when you visit the motherland but one with the most astonishing beauty that stands out among the many is Kigali city, the capital city of Rwanda. located in the eastern part of Africa in a country that sits on 26,33km2   Kigali city has a lot to offer to travellers that take on a Rwanda safari.  Kigali city is the main arrival point for a number of tourists that visit the country and these land at the Kigali international airport. Kigali city is among the cleanliest cities in Africa in not the cleanest after the country went green in the country banned plastic and adopted eco-friendly measures to ensure that the country is free from plastic which makes the city one of the different cities in Rwanda that should be on every traveller’s bucket list that will help you watch a number of rewarding attractions as you take part in a number of tourism activities that will help you explore Kigali City.


while you visit Kigali city, don’t miss out on hiking mount Kigali which is not your typical mountain, Kigali mountain is a hill among the 1000 hills in Rwanda which will give you the chance to watch a number of rewarding attractions and also get to participate in the different activities. Among the most rewarding attractions you will get to see are the memorable views of Kigali city from one of the highest points in the city, you will get to see how the people of Rwanda carry out a number of activities in the city, you will get to see how they establish their settlements, you can visit the Fazenda Sengha horseback riding school at take part in the physically relaxing adventure that will give you the chance to enjoy your time while on top of mount Kigali as you enjoy the cool breeze and watching the rolling hills of Rwanda.

Kigali City
Kigali City


You cannot visit Kigali city and fail to visit a number of local restaurants that have a number of local cuisines that you can choose from and get to understand the culture of Rwanda through their dishes. among the different dishes you can enjoy feasting on include; ibiryo, Ibihaza which is pumpkin and beans boiled in the same pot, isombe which is a mixture of mashed cassava leaves with smoke fish/ sundried fish. while you explore the different cuisines, you should not miss out on tasting one of the finest coffee in the world by visiting a number of coffee cafes in the country like the question coffee where you will get to taste one of most awarded coffee in the world grown along the rolling hills on Rwanda during your Rwanda safari. you can also participate in the cultural tours in Rwanda where you will visit a number of communities like the iby’iwacu cultural village to understand more about the culture of the people in the country.

Kigali City
Cultural Tours in Rwanda


The Kigali genocide memorial museum should be on your bucket list as you visit Kigali city, the capital city of Rwanda which will give you an insight of the 1994 Rwanda genocide that happened to have killed over 1 million tutsis who were the main target that the Hutu one of the tribes in Rwanda wanted to wipe out in the history of Rwanda because of the unfairness that the hutu were getting yet they settled in Rwanda before the Tutsi. while visiting the Kigali genocide memorial museum, you will visit the different exhibition areas at the museum where you will get to watch a number of video recordings of the brutal time in the country, you will get to hear to audio recordings of the victims and confessions of the murders which will make you have chills however watching how the country has evolved over the years making it one of the safest and united countries that you can visit in Africa.  if you’re interested in having an amazing experience in Rwanda understanding about the Rwanda genocide, you can participate in the Rwanda genocide tour where you will get to visit a number of genocide memorial museums in Rwanda.

Kimironko market

Kimironko market is the largest and the oldest market in Rwanda that you should not miss out on visiting which will help you understand more about the people of Rwanda by visiting the different stalls in the market for instance you can purchase a number of traditional fabric of the people of Rwanda and a number of countries like Uganda, Congo because of the cultural diversity that you will get to see in the park, you can also purchase some organic fruits from the different stalls and get to taste the best fruit and fruit juice without any additives to make your Rwanda safari quite memorable.

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