Map of Kenya: Kenya is among the most notable countries that a travellers can embark on to visit to make their safari experience quite memorable. The country over the years has gotten different accolades for the best destination to visit for the most rewarding Kenya wildlife safaris in the country this is because of their notable national park that can be seen in country that will ensure you’re able to watch most of the wildlife species in the country and among the different national park and destinations that you can visit to make your Kenyan safaris memorable.

For travellers interested in the hiking safaris, choosing Kenya as a destination will lead you to a number of options that will make your safari experience memorable. Among the different destinations that you can visit include Mount Kenya national park where you can hike Mount Kenya. The mountain can be hiked in four days but with every step you make towards the summit, you will get to observe a number of rewarding attractions like exceptional vies, a number of wildlife species. Interesting about the activity is the fact that you can combine it with other activities in the park to make it quite memorable.

Wildebeest migration

You cannot visit Kenya and miss out on watching the wildebeest migration which will lead you to the greatest phenomenon of the world when it comes to the wildlife. The wildebeest migrations will give you the chance to watch a million of the wildebeest and many other herbivores migrating from Serengeti national park to Masai Mara national park in Kenya in search of pastures and preparing for the calfing season. Interesting about the activity is the fact that you will get to watch how the species are able to cross the Mara river as a number of carnivores like the lions, leopards, hyenas and the crocodiles await on them for prey which is quite intense and exciting at the same time to watch, Map of Kenya.

The big five animals

While participating in the numerous safaris in Kenya, you will have the chance top track the big five animals in Kenya which will help you watch and track the big five animals in Kenya that is the lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants during the game drives in Masai Mara national park and many other national parks’. Other animals that can be seen during the morning game drives are the herbivores grazing within the plains and during the evening game drives, you will get to watch a number of carnivores catching their prey for rewarding Kenya safaris.

Map of Kenya
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Masai people

During your cultural tours in Kenya, you can visit the Masai people and interesting group of people that have a lot of rewarding cultural values to make the experience worthy of all amount of money spent. The Masai people are an indigenous group of Kenyans that still remain true to their culture with their native features and cultural aspects that can make the experience memorable among which include; how they hunt for a number of animals in the wild, they have unique food like boiled blood that is one of their notable delicacy, Map of Kenya

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