Money Saving Tips While On A Uganda Safari :  A number of travellers are interested in visiting the pearl of Africa to watch the different attractions that make the country one of the most visited destinations in Africa. the country is known for its mountain gorillas which are the most notable wildlife species in the wild, the big five animals, the climate which is quite conducive for the different activities in the wild and many other rewarding attractions that will make your safari experience quite memorable. While many travellers are interested in visiting the country to participate in a number of different activities it should be noted that some travellers are interested in saving some money and in this article we are going to give you the top money saving tips while on a Uganda safari and also still have an amazing safari experience.

Opt for budget safari and stay on a budget

One of the main tips to save money while visiting Uganda for the wildlife safari is opting for budget friendly activities, draft an itinerary and stay on budget which will help you to minimize spending money anyhow. There are a number of different activities that you can take part in for a budget and still have an amazing safari experience.  Some of the budget friendly activities that you can participate in include the cultural tours in Rwanda where you will visit a number of different cultural villages in the country to understand more about the culture of the people of Uganda for instance the Batwa cultural village to understand more about the forest people and how they have evolved since they were evicted from the wild. By also following your itinerary, it will ensure you have an amazing safari experience and staying on budget to help you spend your money in a more planned way.

Money Saving Tips While On A Uganda Safari
Batwa Trail Experience

Public transport

Another money saving tip while on your Uganda safari is by opting for public transport means instead of private means which are more expensive. There are a number of taxis and motor bikes with skilled personnel that can transport you to the different destinations in the wild for as low as $15 depending on where you would like to go in the country. Also important to note about private cars is the fact that for a day travellers can spend about $250-$350 per day to hire a 4×4 safari vehicle for an amazing safari experience.

Travel in the low season

Another money saving tip while participating in the wildlife safari is by travelling during the low season where usually a number of activities are discounted and the different hotels at a cheaper price compared to the peak season where a number of travellers make their way to the country hence pleading to service providers hiking their prices.

Group tours are the most affordable

Another money saving tip that you should consider is travelling in groups or by joining groups which will mean sharing costs hence cutting the costs that one might have spent alone and still be able to have an amazing experience. you should also consider booking your own safari however there’s a downsize to this because it is stressing and time consuming and it will be hard getting discount.

With these tips you can make your to the country and participate in a number of activities like chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, you will get to watch the gorillas by participating in gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park and gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and for travellers interested in watching how the species are trained to get accustomed to human presence, they can participate in gorilla habituation in Uganda among other rewarding activities in the wild for a memorable safari experience.

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