Top 5 Things to Do in Congo 2023  : Choosing the democratic republic of Congo also known as solely Congo will give you the most rewarding safari experience in Africa as you get to visit a number of destinations in the country that will fulfill all your wild adventures participating in a number of activities in Congo 2023. As you make your way to the country there are a number of wildlife safaris that you can embark on and in this article, here are the top 5 things to do in Congo 2023.

2 Days Nyiragongo Hike from Goma

Mountain gorilla trekking

For travellers interested in watching the mountain gorillas in Africa at a cheap price, choosing gorilla trekking in Virunga national park will give you the chance to visit the habituated gorilla families in Congo at a cheaper price compared to other gorilla trekking destinations in Africa. one can obtain a gorilla trekking permit in Congo at 450USD which will give you access to the species for an hour observing their behavior in the wild. While participating in the activity in Virunga national park you will spend one hour with them observing a number of their rewarding features for instance you will get to realize that it is the duty of the adult females to take care of the young ones, you will also get the chance to watch how the species groom one another among other interesting features of the primates in the wild.

Eastern lowland gorilla trekking

To be quite different from mountain gorilla trekking where you have to hike the mountains since the species are found in the high elevations of the Virunga mountains. Tracking the eastern lowland gorillas is quite easy if you’re comparing the two. The eastern lowland gorillas can be seen when you participate in gorilla trekking in Kahuzi biega national park which will lead you to the habituated gorillas families in the lowland areas of the park and participating in the activity, you will have the opportunity to understand more about the species in the wild like their fur which is lighter than that of the mountain gorillas in Africa so by participating in the activity you will get to watch the  different features from the mountain gorillas as you observe how they interact with one another and the environment for an amazing experience, Top 5 Things to Do in Congo 2023

Visiting the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage

Visit the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage as part of the top 5 things to do in Congo which will help you have an insight of how the species live in captivity and how they are taken care of until they are ready to be released into the wild. It should be noted that the species at the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage are orphans whose parents were killed by poachers and at the orphanage, they are taught how to thrive in the wild by teaching them basic skills, you can also volunteer to take care of the species for instance you can bottle feed the infants, clean their sleeping areas and many other rewarding features of the primates for a rewarding gorilla trekking experience in Congo.

Top 5 Things to Do in Congo 2023

Visit the Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary

Just like the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage, you will also get to visit the Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary that was put in place to combat the issue of poaching which had decreased the number of the endangered chimpanzees in Congo. The sanctuary was established to protect the falling numbers of the species that were threatened. As you make your way to the sanctuary, get ready to have an up-close look at the endangered chimpanzees in Africa and get to volunteer taking care of them for a memorable safari experience.

 Mount Nyiragongo hike

As part of the top things to do in Congo 2023, hiking mount Nyiragongo will give you the opportunity to explore one of the world’s wanders as you get to hike an active volcano. Hiking the mountain is a two day activity where the first day you’ll ascend to the mountain’s lava lake where you will get to watch the lava underneath the earth’s crust bubbling within the earth’s crust as you get to camp in the wild and on the second day you will get to descend the mountain to make your experience quite memorable.

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