Get To Know Rwanda's Magnificent Gorillas

Top Tourism Activities in Rwanda : Are you interested in having an amazing adventure in the land of 1000 hills, Rwanda? Here are some of the top tourism activities you should not miss out on to fulfil all your desires in the wild. The activities will cater to different tourists and their preferences. Pick whatever activity that best suits you and don’t hesitate to make an inquiry to make your safari dreams come true with a variety of eco-systems, abundance of wildlife, unique cultural sites for an amazing Rwanda safari.

Rwanda wildlife safaris

While participating in the Rwanda wildlife safaris, you will have the utmost adventure watching a number of wildlife in their designated habitats to ensure you have a memorable experience. Some of the different attractions that can be seen include the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, the big five animals in Rwanda among other interesting attractions in the park. Before the year ends is the best time to visit Rwanda to ensure you do not miss out on the adventures that await you!

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is among the most memorable activities in volcanoes national park that will give you the chance to visit the endangered mountain gorilla species. The best tie to visit gorillas is up to you because the activity can be carried out all year round however there are some months that greatly favour the activity for instance during the dry season.  Gorilla trekking involves tourist hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda in order to access the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda along the slopes of mount gahinga, mount muhabura, mount sabyinyo and mount karisimbi which will also give you a chance to see a number of rewarding attractions like numerous bird species, primates like the vervet monkey, Mona monkey, dent’s monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey silver monkey, black and white colobus monkey, red tailed monkey, grey cheeked Mangabey and when you get to the gorilla families, you will have to spend one hour with the gorillas observing their behaviour in the wild as a knowledgeable guide offered the most relevant information about the primates for instance the fact that the dominant male mates with all the females in the group, in order for the dominant silverback to mate with the females, they have to entice  him in order to get his  attention, you will find out the gorilla strength vs chimpanzees, gorilla strength vs humans, you will also get to find out whether are gorillas dangerous, are gorillas friendly and many other interesting facts about gorillas and with the favorable gorilla trekking prices in Rwanda take part in the activity for an amazing experience.

Top Tourism Activities in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Chimpanzee trekking

As part of the top tourism activities in Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest national park is among the most sought after activity that tourists interested in understanding more about the playful primates in the wild take part in. Nyungwe national park is famous for being the primate hub of Rwanda with 13 primate species of which over 1000 chimpanzees can be seen.

During chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, tourists will have amazing experiences tracking the habituated troop in either cyamudongo forest or Nyungwe forest all of which will offer the same amazing tracking experience. When you get to the chimpanzee troops, you will be able to observe the species and their behaviour in the wild and also get the chance to learn about facts about chimpanzees in Nyungwe national park for instance the fat that they get sexually active between the age of 8-12 years, during ovulation, they can be seen with pink swellings on their bottoms which acts as a signal to show that they are ready for mating among other interesting features of the primates in the wild. Other activities in Nyungwe national park that you should not miss out on include monkey trek, hiking trails in Nyungwe national park like the Isumo waterfalls trail, igishigishigi trail that will lead you to the canopy walk in the park and a number of activities that will lead you to some of the top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Golden monkey trekking

Golden monkeys in Rwanda is among the top tourists carried out in one of the top 10 tourism destinations in east Africa, volcanoes national park which has the most rewarding attractions in the country. The golden monkeys are an endangered primate species that can also be found along the slopes of the Virunga mountains in Rwanda and the activity involves tourists spending one hour with them observing their rewarding behaviour like how they co-exist with one another, how they establish their territories and many other interesting features.

Top Tourism Activities in Rwanda
Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Tracking the big five animals in Rwanda

Track the Big five animals in Rwanda as part of the top tourism activities in Rwanda in one of the most rewarding national parks in Rwanda Akagera national park. The big five animals in Rwanda can be seen when you take part in the activities in Akagera national park like the morning game drive which will give you access to a number of early risers in the park, and also give you the chance to see the rhinos, elephants  and the buffalos grazing in the plains and during the you will also have the chance to see the carnivores that is the leopards, lions and the hyenas hunting for their prey for dinner among other interesting features of the animals in the wild.

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