Wildlife Highlights in Rwanda  : There are plenty of wildlife highlights in Rwanda, and it’s an excellent destination for nature lovers. The country is home to several species of primates, including the vervet monkey, which can be spotted in the forests near Volcanoes National Park. There’s also plenty of game to see in Rwanda, including elephants and black rhinos. There are also several amazing national parks where you can spot a variety of animals. Rwanda’s wildlife reserves are administered by the Wildlife Authority of Rwanda (WAR), which helps protect the country’s wildlife through education and conservation efforts. There are several organizations that are working to protect the animals of Rwanda, such as International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) and the Twa Community Wildlife Project.

Wildlife Highlights in Rwanda


The flora of Rwanda is very similar to that of her neighbour, Burundi, which is across Lake Kivu. There are more than 2,000 different species of plants in Rwanda, many of them native to the forests of the north and central regions of the country. The most common types of plants are palm trees, bamboo, orchids, and ferns. Many of these plants are threatened or endangered, due to deforestation and other environmental changes. The best way to protect the natural vegetation of Rwanda is to support sustainable forestry practices and educate local residents about the importance of preserving the forest ecosystem.


There are 12 different primate species in a population of around 450,000 individuals living in 25 different locations within Rwanda.

One of the most famous attractions in Rwanda is the Mountain Gorilla, which is critically endangered and can only be found in Uganda, the DRC and Rwanda. Rwanda is very popular for her primates. In fact, the largest percentage of tourists on their Rwanda safaris are here for the infamous gorilla treks that can be enjoyed in Volcanoes National Park.

Wildlife Highlights in Rwanda
Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

The other large primate in Rwanda is the Blue Monkey, which is also found in forested areas of the eastern region of the country. Other smaller primates include the Silver-backed Batis and Golden Monkey.

Aside from the primates, you can also enjoy other wild animals on your Rwanda safari tour such as the Maasai giraffe, warthog, hippo, impala, Defassa waterbuck, bushbuck, common duiker, eland, Burchell’s zebra, Bohor reedbuck, oribi, roan antelope, klipspringer and the secretive semi-aquatic sitatunga.


Akagera National Park: The park covers 1,800 square miles in southwestern Rwanda and includes grassland plains, hills, wetlands, lakes and riverine forests. Many species of wildlife can be seen in Akagera, including hippopotamuses, crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes and antelopes. Many species of birds can also be seen in the park, including hornbills, ostriches, storks and kingfishers. There are also a number of primates that live in the park, including the Colobus monkey and the black and white colobus monkey.

Nyungwe Forest National Park: This park is located in southern Rwanda and covers about 1,115 square miles of land. It is situated within the Albertine Rift Valley and contains a mixture of savanna grasslands, rainforest and swampland. There are a large number of rare and endangered species that inhabit the forests of Nyungwe, including the giant forest hog, Rwenzori Turaco and chimpanzees. There are a number of hiking trails that snake through the park and offer visitors the chance to explore the rainforest and see some of its unique wildlife up close.

Wildlife Highlights in Rwanda

Gishwati-Mukura National Park: Gishwati-Mukura National Park is located in the western region of Rwanda and covers over 2,700 square miles of land. It is known for its biodiversity and its spectacular scenery, which includes mountainous terrain and large waterfalls.

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