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Backpacking Travel in Rwanda: Though it is becoming increasingly popular for luxury tourism, Rwanda is still an excellent destination for backpacking travelers. Rwanda is one of East Africa’s most intriguing and accessible nations, with many undulating hills, a thriving artistic industry, lots of volcanic treks, and panoramic lake vistas.

While not as developed or well-travelled as that of Southeast Asia, Rwanda’s backpacking culture is on the rise. There is a lot to do in such a little nation. The alternatives are as gorgeous as they are numerous, ranging from early morning game drives through Akagera National Park in search of lions to trekking under the canopies of Nyungwe Forest and visiting the neighboring shores of Lake Kivu.

Quiet tourists will find refuge in the well-preserved national parks, while those looking to go out and about will be able to take up all of Kigali’s young vibrancy. The combination of late-night dance events in the capital city and environmental getaways in the countryside – complete with fresh Rwandan food and breathtaking sunrises – elevates Rwandan tourism to a new level. Rwanda is still relatively new to the backpacking scene, which makes it all the more appealing. It offers a combination of tranquil reflection and boisterous partying.

There’s a lot of material on Rwanda on the internet, but much of it focuses on gorilla trekking and the heinous 1994 genocide. Though climbing a volcano with these magnificent primates is incredible, and learning about Rwanda’s history at the Kigali Genocide Memorial is vital, Rwanda has much more to offer. Explore several guidebooks, blogs, and websites to learn about this country’s hidden jewels and venture off the main route. The stunning green rainforest of Nyungwe National Park, as well as the dazzling twin lakes immediately north of Musanze, and Kibuye, the most picturesque town on Lake Kivu, are all worth a visit.

Things move a little slower in Rwanda, which is a good thing. Meals take longer to cook, buses are late, and a sudden downpour may cause your travel to be delayed. That’s to be expected, so simply make sure to allow room in your calendar for these occurrences.

Though some activities, such as a volcanic hike to the summit of Mount Bisoke or a group safari drive through Akagera National Park, may and should be booked ahead of time, there is no need to precisely prepare every day of the trip. Bus tickets cannot be reserved in advance, the weather is always changing, and a new acquaintance at your Kigali guesthouse may persuade you to explore the southern parts of Lake Kivu on the spur of the moment. Rwanda is a tiny nation with simple on-the-fly planning, so take advantage of it.

Backpacking Travel in Rwanda
Backpacking Travel in Rwanda

Is Backpacking Travel in Rwanda Safe?

Rwanda is often regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. This is an extraordinarily secure and safe area, ranked 9th safest by the World Economic Forum and 11th safest by a 2017 Gallup survey.

Tourists are welcome everywhere in Rwanda, from the tiniest fishing villages to the busy capital of Kigali, and violent crime against foreigners is almost non-existent. The only thing to be concerned about is road safety. Motorcycle accidents are regrettably extremely prevalent, and passengers should always wear the appropriate helmet and ensure that their driver is following proper road etiquette.

Furthermore, like in any nation, maintain watch of your possessions when wandering alone at night or in a crowded market. Despite Rwanda’s near-unrivalled safety record, putting a phone on the table or a handbag on the back of a chair may end in an unpleasant evening. Having said that, Rwanda continues to outperform the rest of the globe in terms of overall safety.

Interesting Places to visit during your Backpacking Tour in Rwanda.

Kigali City.

Rwanda’s capital city is vibrant with color and vitality. Spend your day jumping between the city’s art galleries and happy hours, seeing the country of a thousand hills from Mount Kigali’s summit, and discovering the colorful marketplaces.

Musanze Town.

Musanze area, located in northwest Rwanda, is home to the twin lakes, gorilla trekking, and several volcanic treks. Musanze is Rwanda’s adventure capital, despite the fact that the city itself has nothing to write home about.

Explore Lake Kivu.

The dazzling Lake Kivu, set amid lush green hills and shared with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is Rwanda’s biggest lake. Spend some time kayaking along the coast, hiking the Congo Nile route, or simply relaxing in the seaside communities of Kibuye and Gisenyi.

Visit Akagera National Park

A visit to Akagera, Rwanda’s sole big-five wildlife park is highly recommended for every first-time tourist to the region. It’s also the least expensive park in East Africa, and camping and self-drive safaris are welcomed.

View Primates in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

This breathtaking jungle is a must-see. This park is home to chimp families and many other monkey species, and the bird viewing opportunities are equally appealing. A range of lodging alternatives is available throughout the park, and arranging activities is simple.

Track Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

There’s nothing quite like getting face to face with the adored and endangered mountain gorillas of this nation. Though Rwanda’s mountain gorilla trekking may be out of reach for some people, don’t let that deter you — simply cross the border into neighboring Uganda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a fast overnight and low-cost option.

Explore Kibuye Town.

On Lake Kivu, spectacular orange, pink, and crimson streaks light up the sky virtually every night. Grab a drink, a few buddies, and a spot of grass on the Kibuye lakeside to experience Rwanda’s most basic pleasures. Watch the night fisherman go out soon before dusk, singing traditional fishing songs and igniting gas lanterns as they make their way to the lake’s center.

All in all; it’s practically impossible to offer suitable recommendations for a general travel guide for any budget because it depends so much on how and where you’re visiting. As a result, people going in the middle to upper end of the pricing range will have pre-reserved the majority of their vacation trip, implying that they’ll have a good idea of what the trip will cost them before than they visit the nation.

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