Combining Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda And Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum : Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is among the most famous activities in Rwanda and the Rwanda genocide is one of the main reasons why Rwanda is known around the world and combining gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Kigali genocide will help you understand more about the unfortunate time in Rwanda and understand more about the mountain gorillas in the wild for an amazing safari experience combining the different aspects to make one unique experience that you will live to tell for the rest of your life.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda will lead you to volcanoes national park where you will access a number of habituated gorilla families in the wild as they carry out their different activities in their natural habitat. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda will lead you to the Virunga mountains like mount muhabura, mount sabyinyo, mount bisoke, mount karisimbi and mount Gahinga that can be seen as you observe a number of rewarding safari experience. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda starts by travellers accessing the gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda that can be obtained from a trusted operator or from the Rwanda development board that can be obtained at a price of 1500USD for a memorable safari experience.

Visiting the Kigali genocide memorial museum will help you understand more about the unfortunate time in the country which claimed the lives of about 1 million Rwandans un the wild. Making your way to the genocide you will get to understand the dark times in the country and how the country has become one of the safest countries that can be visited during your Africa safari.

While making your way to the Kigali genocide memorial museum, you will get to understand the fact that the museum is free for everybody interested in understanding more about the culture and when you get there, you will get to visit the larger exhibition area and the exhibition area for kids which are both emotion areas to visit because you will get to watch how a number of people were killed, you will also get the opportunity to watch confessions from killers, a number of kids that were left to be orphans which is quite sad to watch but gives hope at the end of your safari experience you will watch how the country has gone through to become the safest country in the park.

Combining gorilla trekking in Rwanda and the Kigali genocide memorial museum can either be done by visiting Kigali genocide memorial museum first or either first participating in gorilla trekking in Rwanda which will give you the most safari experience.

Combining Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda And Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum
Kigali Genocide Memorial Center

With gorilla trekking in Rwanda you will get to spend an hour with the species understanding their different behavior in the wild as you observe them. Getting to the species will lead you through the forests along the different trails accompanied by a ranger to protect you during the activity and the guide to make sure you have the most rewarding safari experience by providing all the relevant information about the species in the wild. You will watch the dominant silverback who has all the mating rights with the females of the group, he is also in charge of protecting the species against internal and external attacks therefore make sure that you keep some distance away from the gorillas when you get in their way for a rewarding Rwanda safari.

’’Combining the two activities will ensure that you have an amazing safari experience watching how far the country has come from to make it to how beautiful it is now which has ensured activities like gorilla trekking that will make your safari experience quite rewarding.’’

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