Explore Amahoro Island – Rwanda : Amahoro Island, which means “peace,” is a calm and tranquil place located on the northern tip of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. The island lives up to its name, offering a peaceful atmosphere for those seeking to reclaim their lost peace of mind. Amahoro Island is located on the eastern side of Lake Kivu and is popular destination for tourist looking for a peaceful atmosphere. The island is a home to small community of fishermen and farmers who welcomes visitors to experience their daily life activities. Visitors can take in fishing expeditions, take along walks on the islands verdant vegetation, or simply relax on the islands beach. The island also offers a camping facilities, bar and restaurants, swimming and island boat tours. It is well situated for birding and sport fishing activities. The island is well situated for birding and water sport activities.

This interesting Island is surrounded by the pristine waters of Lake Kivu, offering breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding landscape. It’s an ideal spot for relaxation, reflection, and connecting with nature. For those seeking solace and a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Amahoro Island provides an ideal escape. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photographer, or simply someone yearning for quietude, this island offers a serene refuge.

Some activities you can enjoy during your visit to Amahoro Island

Amahoro Island is a captivating destination with a rich blend of cultural and natural experiences. Here are some exciting activities you can enjoy during your visit to this magnificent Island.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking; this is the great and unique activity to do in Rwanda ,famous gorilla trekking is carries out in Rwandans Virungas mountains at volcanoes national park located in the northwest of the province. This fascinating mountain gorillas trekking can only be found and carried out in only three countries such as Uganda, democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda itself. You can also encounter the rare Golden monkey tracking in the park, Volcanoes National Park offers excellent opportunities for bird watching with over 200 bird species exists among others

Tracking the Amahoro Gorilla Family

Hiking through this group is a bit strenuous but the hike comes with encounters of these impressive wild creatures in their natural habitat. Amahoro, is the most peaceful of all the gorilla groups. To reach Amahoro one must endure a fairly steep climb however the climb is well worth it once in contact with this tranquil group were you will be rewarded with amazing and stunning landscape.

Golden Monkey Trekking; you will get a chance to explore the lush forests and encounter the playful golden monkeys, their vibrant fur and lively behaviors make for a delightful experience.

Climbing Mount Bisoke; this active volcano located in Volcanoes National Park offers breathtaking views from the top. The hike to the peak is a bit challenging but rewarding, with opportunities to mark primates and birds along the way. The hike to the peak takes around 4-5 hours 3,711 meters high, and the trail winds its way through dense forest and rocky landscape. At the top, you will be offer with remarkable views of the surrounding landscapes and a sense of accomplishment for completing the climbing.

Visit the Karisoke Research Centre; Karisoke research center was established by Dian Fossey on the 24th of August 1967, it started up as a small patrol center with two tents against poaching. Today Karisoke research center provides protection, education and long term studies of mountain gorillas. Pay homage to the legendary primatologist Dian Fossey by visiting the research center she founded. Learn about her groundbreaking work with mountain gorillas.

Explore Nyiragongo Volcano; Mount Nyiragongo volcano stands as a testament to the earth’s raw power and its ever-changing nature. From the depth of its molten heart to the heights to its summit, Nyiragongo offers a captivating journey in to the geological that shapes our world. While at the summit you will be rewarded with the mesmerizing lava lake within the crater.

Explore Amahoro Island
Mount Nyiragongo

Cultural Immersion; While at the Island, you will get a chance of meeting friendly Rwandan families and be their guest for the night.  Immerse yourself in local traditions and learn about their ways of life

Fishing expeditions; tourist visiting Amahoro Island can get a chance to participate in fishing expeditions, learning traditional fishing techniques from the island residents

Go jungle trekking; embark on a trek from Tekek village to Juara. Traverse lush jungles, discover hidden waterfalls and immerse yourself in the islands natural beauty.

Nature Walks: Embark on scenic hikes around the island. Discover lush forests, observe local wildlife, and breathe in the fresh air.

Kayaking and Water Sports; explore the serene waters of Lake Kivu by kayaking. The absence of the hippos and crocodiles makes it a safe and perfect place for water activities.

Best time to explore Amahoro Island.

The best time to visit Amahoro Island is during the dry months of June to October and December to February, this is therefore the best months for relaxing at the Island, with a maximum and minimum temperatures just a bit cooler than that. Choosing the right time to travel is important, and we as Explore Rwanda Tours will help give you helpful guidance base on your travel experiences

Accommodation facilities in and around Amahoro Island.

Amahoro Island has got its accommodation facilities in and around where you can stay and therefore there is no need for you to doubting about your accommodation arrangements and some accommodation facilities include lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Amahoro Guest House, Moriah Hill Resort, CLEO LAKE KIVU HOTEL, Cormoran Lodge, Reberu Kivu Resort, Delta Resort Hotel and among other places where you can stay.

Whether you’re interested in gorilla conservation or simply want to soak in the tranquility of this beautiful island, Amahoro is a place where nature and peace harmonize. Remember to savor every moment with Explore Rwanda Tours, capture the beauty of the island, and create lasting memories.

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