Interesting  Facts About Rwanda : Are you a traveller interested in making your way to the land of 1000 hills, here are some of the interesting facts about Rwanda that will make you make your next stop to the country to have the most rewarding Rwanda safari. Below are some of the interesting facts about Rwanda.

Interesting  Facts About Rwanda

Small Country

Although Rwanda is such a small country compared to other African countries, the country boosts of a number of attractions which has attracted a number of travellers to make their way to the country to participate in a number of activities that will make your safari experience quite rewarding. Visiting the country will lead you to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas that can be seen when you participate in gorilla trekking in Rwanda, volcanoes national park where you will access the Virunga mountains in Uganda, you can also watch the fact that the country is characterized by a number of rolling hills which make the country one of the best countries to visit in East Africa with breathtaking views. You can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park for travellers interested in the primate safaris in Rwanda. Despite of its small size of 26,388km²     Visit the country and get to explore a number of hidden gems.

Capital City

Kigali cleanest city which is the capital city of Rwanda is arguably the cleanest city in Africa and ever since Rwanda banned polythene bags it has become one of the eco-friendly destinations in Africa frequently visited by travellers that are interested in sustainable tourism. Once you make your way to Kigali city there are a number of destinations that you should not miss out on visiting for a rewarding safari experience some of which include the Kigali genocide memorial museum also in the city you can also visit the kimironko the oldest and the largest market in Rwanda where you will get to purchase a number of souvenirs

Interesting  Facts About Rwanda
Kigali City

President Of Rwanda

The current president of Rwanda is Paul Kagame who has been president since 22nd April 2000. Paul Kagame is one of the most respected people in Rwanda aside from being the president but because of his role in ending the 1994 Rwanda genocide and for travellers interested in understand more about the unfortunate time, you can participate in the Rwanda genocide tour where you will get to access a number of different genocide memorial museums like the Kigali genocide memorial museum and many more museums to understand more about the unfortunate time in the wild.

President Kagame who is very influential in the ending of the Rwanda genocide was one of the members of the Rwanda patriotic Front also one of the leaders who fought hard to ensure the end of the mass killings of the Tutsis and it was quite successful with the end of the genocide in the end of July 15th 1994. President Kagame has been able to restore Rwanda back to his lost glory. While visiting the country you will get to realize the fact that Rwanda has come a long way to become one of the safest destinations you can visit on your African safari.

People Of Rwanda

Another interesting fact about Rwanda is its people who are among the most hospitable people that you can visit on your African safari. Rwanda is made up of the Hutu, Tutsis and the Batwa and arguably Rwanda is among the top 5 African countries with the most beautiful people. Although there are different tribes in Rwanda, the country now identifies itself as one people to ensure unity and avoid history repeating itself. When you visit the country you can visit a number of cultural villages that you can visit to understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda and their different culture and a number of interesting features. Among the different cultural groups, you can visit include the ibyi’wacu cultural village, Humure refugee village/ camp and many other villages that will give you an insight about the culture of the people of Rwanda.

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