Safety of Uganda During COVID-19

Safety of Uganda During COVID-19: Uganda is among the different African countries that have had the chance to open up for tourism activities in the different destinations countrywide for a memorable Uganda safari during the covid-19 global pandemic. There are a number of activities that tourists can take part that may include gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, Kampala city tour,  chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park, game drives in Murchison falls national park, and Queen Elizabeth national park among other rewarding activities that you will take part in for a rewarding Uganda safari. However with the covid-19 global pandemic, a number of tourists have raised concerns for destinations where tourism is open with a concern on the safety of the premises, the safety precautions that are carried out to ensure that the tourists have a safe experience in Uganda but with the different measures that are carried out across the country makes the safety of Uganda during covid-19 quite tight for a rewarding experience.

Safety of Uganda During COVID-19


  • Before any tourist accesses the country, they should take a covid test which will prove that they are negative from the virus and after acquiring the certificate, they should present to at the airport  to ensure the safety of the other tourists and the locals when you take part in the different activities during Uganda safari.
  • Emphasis is put on the masks whereby the locals together with the tourists are emphasized to put on their masks daily to avoid the contracting of the virus in case you come in contact with a contaminated person. 
  • Regular sanitising is ensured by the government of Uganda and this is evident in tourism destinations where you will get to see a number sanitizer dispensers that you can use when yo visit them all of which help to disinfect the tourists in case they came in contact with the virus.
  • The government has put emphasis on the number of people that take part in the different activities at the different destinations in order to avoid the spread of viruses and it can be seen that a number of activities and destinations have limited the numbers of people that visit and take part in them.
  •  While you visit the country, you should ensure the maintaining of social distance while taking part in the different activities in order to avoid the spread of the virus in order you come in contact with infected people.
  • There are a number of health measures that have been put in place and in case a destination does not abide by the rules and regulations/ doesn’t meet the covid-19 health standards they are closed this is done by the government to ensure the safety of Uganda during covid-19 which will enable the tourists to have a safe and memorable experience while in the country hence a safe encounter.

Safety measures at the destination

  • Well trained personnel can be seen around the different destinations in the park to ensure that the tourists not only have  a memorable safari but also have a safe activity during your safari in Uganda during covid-19 this can be evident in destinations like historical sites, national parks where you will be assigned to a guide who will take you through the safe trails in the different national parks to ensure you are not attacked by any vicious animals. 
  • Before you take part in any activities within the different safari destinations in Uganda, you will have to take part in the briefing session which will give you the chance to understand more about the different activities you are supposed to take part in where you will be told the rules and regulations and safety precautions to follow to ensure you have an amazing time while in you take part in the different  activities to avoid any accidents and also avoid the spread of covid-19
  • As a way of controlling of covid-19 in Uganda and the different tourism destinations in the country, the government ensured that all the destinations had sanitizers that are used by tourists to avoid the spread of the virus because a lot of research has showed that covid-19 is easily spread by hands.
  • Security personnel at the different tourism premises across the country to ensure that tourists have safe activities while taking part in their Uganda safari and in case of any security problems at the safari, the security officers are ready to offer their help at any given time for a memorable safari.
  • There are a number of police stations distributed in the country in order to help out a number of tourists that may experience  a number of problems while in the country during your Uganda safari.
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