Ultimate Rwanda Primate Safari Adventure : It is at the heart of East Africa, which presents with landscapes rich in cultural heritage and biodiversity. The most captivating wonder of Chimpanzees and Gorillas is the primates amidst the great strides the country has made to conservation. Some of the world’s interesting creatures on primate safari in Rwanda is actually a lifetime’s experience anybody can talk about having experienced. Particularly, this article discusses about Rwanda – primate safari trip with regards to some primates like gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys among others.

10 Days Classic Rwanda Wildlife & Gorilla Safari

1. The Majestic Mountain Gorillas:

Rwanda was one of the country to see mountain gorillas which are among vulnerable category of animals in this nature conservation. The volcanoes are known as Virunga Mountains and constitute the lovers of gorilla park. Guided by experts in tracking, trekkers walk through foggy woods to visit gorillas’ homes. This is indeed magical since you get to meet these friendly giants, their fun infant juveniles as well as the protective silverbacks. Indeed, it is such an adventure that stays with someone for his lifetime.

2. Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe Forest:

In Nyungwe forest national park, they have a huge ever green woodland and that is a big ancient montane rainforest that one could also visit to see chimps. One of world’s largest chimps (our primate cousin) population lives here in this park, and a small part of those lives inside the park fence. Monkeys are intelligent creatures, seen as wandering people in densely populated parts of forests. You will hear the sounds of animals in the woods while being convinced as though you are part of a busy social life of the primates. More so, one cannot help but notice as they conduct themselves and exhibit complex behaviors.

3. Golden Monkey Encounters:

Ultimate Rwanda Primate Safari Adventure
Golden Monkey

In the Virunga Mountains, where misty peaks touch the sky, resides another primate species that captures the hearts of all who encounter them: the golden monkeys. The animals are bright and colourful and have a playful mannerism that makes them fun to watch. The visitors walk into a bamboo forest accompanied by bird song while the trees move in all directions as they see the troops of jumping golden monkeys.

4. Cultural Immersion with the Iby’Iwacu Village:

The Rwanda primate safari involves a lot more other than wild-life, it also entails the rich and diverse cultural aspects of the country. The Iby’Iwacu cultural village is a unique opportunity to live Rwandan culture. It is a community-operated project within proximity of Volcanoes National Park. Visitors see how people live on a day-to-day basis in their homes, enjoy cultural events with them, or attend traditional dances performed by the locals. The trip to the community will give you a spice to your safari. Safari with elements of nature, wildlife and culture will be complete.

5. Conservation Efforts and Responsible Tourism:

The way they operate all over the country portrays their commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation in Rwanda. Consequently, conservation programs aimed at protecting the gorillas, chimpanzees, among other primates form an important means necessary for their survival up to now. Buying of permits and fees by visitors go toward conservation, communal development and community education. Some of the key aspects of sustainable tourism assuring that posterity will get a chance to view the wonders of the primates include environmentally-friendly behavior, preservation of habitats for the wildlife animals, as well as support to the host community.


Primate experience goes beyond just travel to create emotional attachment in nature and her wonderful dwellers. It entails an encounter with the breath-taking events such as heart-pounding tours that follow upon meeting with the mountain gorillas and then culminates into the unforgettable experience of chimpanzee tracking which takes care of adrenalin rush, besides monkey Additionally, the cultural experiences and preservations take the trip to an even higher level by creating a complete cultural experience that transforms the tourists’ ways of living. Hence, make sure you wear your boots and follow your sense of amazement as you proceed to the most amazing primate safari in Rwanda that defines the natural splendour and durability of Mother Nature.

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