What Is Rwanda Best Known For? A number of travellers that visit Rwanda are attracted to a number of attractions and features that they will get to watch when you make their way to participate in the Rwanda safari. In this article let us help you understand more about the main reasons why the travellers visit Rwanda which are some of the reasons Rwanda is best known for.

What Is The Best Time For A Safari In Rwanda?

The Rwanda genocide

For a small country of about 26338 square kilometers Rwanda was first known by a large number of African countries because of the unfortunate events that led to a lot of blood-shed in country. The Rwanda genocide was an unfortunate in Rwanda where over 1000,000 Rwandans as a result of the mass killings of the Tutsis and some Batwa by the Hutu who detested the Tutsis because of a number of reasons like the fact that the Tutsis were highly favored occupying a number of big positions in the government which the hutu interpreted as unfair because it is believed it was done because of the fact that they had fairer skin as compared to the hutu they believed the tutsis were favored more than the tutsis  hence leading to the grievances between the two parties.

As part of the need for the hutu to gain control over the tutsis they believed carrying out massacres to wipe away their tribe in the country would be an answer to their problems and this led to the country wide massacre of the tutsis which is evident when you visit the  number of genocide memorial sites which will give you an insight of the unfortunate event in the country for instance the Kigali genocide memorial museum where you will get to watch a number of videos like confessions from the now reformed killers, last words  the victims, you will watch how the different methods they used for killings which was quite devastating to watch and many other  features to help you get an insight about the Rwanda genocide. Therefore, participate in the Rwanda genocide tour and get to visit the different genocide memorial sites for a memorable safari experience.

Endangered primate species

Rwanda is also best known for its endangered primate species which have attracted a number of travellers to visit the country to get the chance to watch a number endangered species to understand more about the behavior the different primates in the wild.  Among the different primates that you can see include the mountain gorillas that can be seen when you participate in gorilla trekking in Rwanda which will give you an opportunity to watch the species as they go about their daily activities in the wild. Travellers can watch the habituated gorilla families by hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda like Mount Gahinga, Mount sabyinyo, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke and Mount Muhabura that will make the safari experience quite rewarding.

You can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda which will lead you to Nyungwe national park   where you will get to observe the behavior of the species in the wild and while you make your way to the park you will get to observe the species in either Cyamudongo forest or Nyungwe forest which will help you observe the behavior of the species in the wild. Other travellers know Rwanda as home to the Albertine endemic primate species like the golden monkeys 0that can be seen when you participate in golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which will lead you to hike the Virunga mountains in Rwanda to access the habituated golden monkey troops.

What Is Rwanda Best Known For?
Chimpanzee trekking

The big five animals

For travellers interested in wildlife safaris in Africa, they choose Rwanda as the perfect destination if they are interested in watching the big five animals in Rwanda which will give you the opportunity to track them for an amazing safari experience and this will lead you to the game drives in Akagera national park  which will lead you to either the morning game drives that will help you watch the herbivores like the buffaloes, the rhinos and the elephants grazing within the park’s plains and during the evening game drives in the Akagera national park you will get to watch the carnivores like the hyenas leopards and lions catching their prey in the wild and for travellers interested in having insight about how the park comes to life when the sun sets as you watch a number of carnivores catch their prey, a number of different bird species like the night jars can be seen and many other rewarding features of the primates.

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