What Is The Best Time For A Safari In Rwanda? Rwanda is among the most rewarding safari destinations in Africa for travellers interested safari experience. the country is a tropical country with the perfect climate that has attracted a number of travellers that are interested in watching a number of attractions from the different wildlife species in the wild, like the mountain gorillas in Rwanda by participating in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park and other rewarding features in the country.

There are a number of activities that can be done in the dry season like the game drives in Akagera national park, the boat cruise among other rewarding activities during your Rwanda safari which are best done during the dry season without getting any interference from the rains. The best time for a safari in Rwanda is during the dry months however travellers can also visit the country during the wet season for some adventure because of the nature of Rwanda’s climate that favors the different activities in the wild, you can also track the big five animals in Rwanda, the herbivores, carnivores, numerous bird species as you participate in birding in Rwanda.

The country has a rich climate characterized by two seasons the dry and wet season that will ensure you enjoy the time you get to spend in the different national parks, visiting a number of unique features in the wild like the different mountains like mount Kigali, the Virunga mountains in Rwanda, a number of water sources like lake kivu, lake Ihema and many other rewarding attractions but all of this is possible because of dry season for travellers interested in participating in out-door activities then visiting the country during the wet season would be the perfect time  but also important to note is the fact that with the rainy season in Rwanda the days are characterized with short rains where it can rain during day and stop at night and vice versa which can help you participate in the activities in the given time.  The dry months in Rwanda are during the months of June to august and the short dry season from December to February and the wet season which is from march o may and the shorter wet season from September to November.

What Is The Best Time For A Safari In Rwanda?
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Packing list for your Rwanda safari

  • You should carry the perfect clothes while participating in the different activities in the wild like the game drives in Akagera national park you should consider wearing neutral colored clothes to avoid tsetse-flies bites
  • You should carry heavy clothes because Rwanda gets chilly at night
  • During the dry season it gets extremely hot therefore you should carry some light clothes to feel comfortable
  • The perfect hiking shoes should be carried as you participate in the different activities in the national parks to avoid accidents while in the wild
  • Sun glasses are a must in Rwanda during the dry season
  • The sun hits different in Africa, carry your sunscreen to avoid sun burns.
  • You can also carry a camera to take pictures for memories. Rwanda has a number of beautiful spots and sceneries that are worthy of pictures, carry your camera and make some memories in the land of a thousand hills.
  • Pack some pain killers for long distances and for the activities during the scotching sun
  • For the luggage you bring in the country it should not be more than 15 kilograms to avoid paying more.

Visit the country and get the opportunity to participate in a number of activities without having to worry about the climatic conditions. Consult your local tour operator to make for you a detailed itinerary and the different Rwanda safari packages for a memorable encounter in the wild.

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